Hide Apps in the App Drawer [Bloatware Be Gone!] – Samsung Galaxy SIII

  • I just got my Verizon Galaxy SIII and it hasn’t been rooted. So for the time being, I can’t remove the bloatware from the phone. Luckily, I discovered that with Samsung’s TouchWiz, it lets you hide apps in the app drawer. I know some 3 third party launchers do this too, it’s cool to see Samsung has this as well.

    Simply press the menu button while in the app drawer and select Hide applications.

    App icons will get check boxes.

    Check the ones you want hidden, then click done.

    To unhide them, go to Show hidden applications.

    Check them again and select done.

    I’ll do this til I can totally remove the apps.


    July 6th, 2012 | Joe Steiger | 3 Comments | Tags: , , , , , , , , ,

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  • karen

    Very helpful, thank you. Coming from an iphone i’m amazed at how unintuitive android is.

  • You’re welcome.

  • MartinM

    Very helpful again! Thanks!