bOOStedICS Android 4.0 Rom – Droid X

  • As I wait to upgrade my smartphone, I decided to see if I could find a good, stable, Ice Cream Sandwich rom for my Droid X.  I found the b00stedICS rom by BMc08GT and firstEncounter.  It was just updated to build 2 on May 11th and runs very well.  My phone runs alot faster now that I am not running Moto blur.

    There are a couple quirks which are noted in the known issues below.  When powering on the device, the screen is black for a little while.  For me, it’s not a big deal because I never shut down my phone anyway.  Also, I haven’t got Netflix to work.  It opens fine.  If I try and play a video, the video is black.  Other than those 2 things, I am very happy with this rom.  If you have a Droid X, I highly recommend you check this out.


    · updated to 4.0.4_r1.2
    · Defy base added back (Mostly)
    · Nav Bar added and shrunk it 31dp
    · Home key fixed
    · FM radio
    · HDMI out
    · MMS works (using hacked method) [may need to wipe mms.apk cache if mms fails at first]
    · GPS Fix
    · All Lag should be removed
    · HD Stock ICS Boot Animation (Credit – WJDDesigns)
    · Updated modules and props to .621
    · Fixed Video Camera and Sound is Synced
    · Fixed Bluetooth
    · Bettery Battery Life due to 621 update and Defy Base
    · Fixed Reboot to Recovery Every Boot By Default
    · Fixed build.user display
    · Removed CyanogenMod Version from About Phone(Replaced with b00stedICS)
    · Disabled Blur when not needed to speed up UI
    · Updates to media_profiles.xml for improved camera and camcorder function
    · Unlimited the stock browser tabs. See tab settings in browser settings (Credit – gdanko)
    · Toggle in Tab Settings for whether to save tabs and open pages between reboots/launches (Credit – gdanko)
    /vendor/b00sted created (removed cm vendor from build) link
    · Updated Apex Launcher to v1.1.1
    · Removed reboot to recovery from reboot menu as we use bootmenu
    · *****Added Jpeg Turbo (Try and bog the gallery down)
    · Ton of build.prop edits for increased performance, battery life, and user experience
    · Beats Audio
    · Signal Bars now match your actual signal — enjoy the bars

    Known Issues

    · Blackness at boot is still there. be patient [brightness is fixed for sign in]
    · Auto Brightness is iffy still
    · Hardaware Rendering (Chrome, Netflix)


    · Download the ROM
    · Download gapps
    · Reboot to Clockwork Recovery
    · Wipe Data
    · Install ROM
    · Install gapps
    · Reboot


    I won’t provide links to download the rom.  Visit the Rootzwiki thread so you have the latest version.

    Source: Rootzwiki


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  • Alex

    Is there an ETA on getting Netflix to work? I have kids so need it for them. ;)

  • I don’t know.

  • md

    i am trying to install this rom and everytime i finish it reboots and stays on logo, am i doing something wrong?

  • Not sure. Did you try factory resetting, wipping dalvic cache, etc?