Quality Has A New Name, Ubuntu 12.10 Named Quantal Quetzal

  • Mark Shuttleworth announced on his blog today the codename for Ubuntu, following 12.04 Precise Pangolin. The official codename for Ubuntu 12.10 is Quantal Quetzal. Before I go into it more…try saying that 5 times fast. :)

    Like all Ubuntu releases, Ubuntu 12.10 will focus on Quality.

    “Every release has quality first these days – they all get used, on the server, on devices, and while the term of maintenance might vary, our commitment to interim releases is just as important as that to an LTS.”

    Ubuntu will focus on contributing code, patches, etc. to upstream and could very well feature a new icon theme:

    “…a project on iconography, with the University of Reading, to refine the look of apps and interfaces throughout the platform. It’s amazing how quaint the early releases of Ubuntu look compared to the current style. And we’re only just getting started!”

    What do you think of the name?

    Ubuntu 12.10 Quantal Quetzal Release Schedule*

    Alpha 1 – June 7th
    Alpha 2 – June 28th
    Alpha 3 – August 2nd
    Beta 1 – September 6th
    Beta 2 – September 27th
    Ubuntu 12.10 Final Release – October 18th

    * – subject to change

    Picture adapted from http://www.factzoo.com/sites/all/img/birds/quetzal-male-female.jpg


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