NVIDIA Becomes Member of The Linux Foundation

  • The Linux Foundation has announced major graphics card manufacturer Nvidia, has become a member of the Linux Foundation.  Nvidia has always been great in supporting open source, providing Linux drivers for their graphic cards, etc.  Now, they are official supporters.  By becoming a member, Nvidia will get discounts on Linux training, exclusive content and briefing information on the state of Linux, and easier ways to collaborate on open source issues.  Other new members include Fluendo, one of the major companies behind GStreamer; Lineo Solutions, creator of embedded Linux systems; and Mocana, a security platform for mobile devices and apps.

    It is great to see big companies/manufacturers coming aboard supporting open source.  Last year Toyota joined. Now Nvidia. Amanda McPherson, Vice President of Marketing and Developer Services at The Linux Foundation says:

    “The ongoing support from companies and organizations across industries and geographies demonstrates not only Linux’s ubiquity but also its ability to quickly adapt for a variety of technical and market opportunities.  Fluendo, Lineo Solutions, Mocana and NVIDIA each represent important areas of the Linux ecosystem and their contributions will immediately help advance the operating system.”

    As more and more people come aboard, Linux will only get better and better.  You can find out about the Linux Foundation at their website http://www.linuxfoundation.org/.


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  • Adhish Majumdar

    It’s great to see big corporations support free software. This gives me hope that the future is bright.

  • Yep :)