Samsung Officially Unveils 2012 LED TV lineup At Their Spring Showcase This Morning

  • Back at CES 2012, Samsung showed off their VERY SEXY looking new 2012 LED TVs.  At their Spring Showcase this morning in New York, they officially announced the availability of the new TVs.  Unfortunately, I made the mistake of watching the showcase on the Samsung TV Facebook page…I am drooling buckets now lol.  Samsung’s 2012 LED TV lineup is headlined by the ES8000 series, which is available in 46 to 65″ models, with a price range of $2,999.99 to $5,099.99.  There is also the E8000 series, which is a little better on the pocketbook, costing between $2,199.99 and $3,949.99.  The E8000 Series with come in 51 to 64″ sizes.

    What makes these TVs cool is that will come with facial recognition and, voice and gesture control.  This will enable you to turn on the TV by saying “Hi TV!”, as well as, operating the TV by waving your hands or talking to the TV.  How cool is that?  Of course you can still use the new redesigned Smart Touch remote control if you wish.  In addition to the remote, Samsung announced a new optional wireless keyboard, that can be used with the TV and/or your Samsung phone or tablet.  All the TVs are powered by dual-core processors that helps make multitasking fluid.  The TVs were also made future proof with Samsung’s Smart Evolution packs.  These packs with enable consumers to receive all the new features released with newer televisions, on their older televisions.

    Below is a breakdown of the pricing and release dates of the new TVs.

    There is no video from the event this morning.  To get a good appreciation of the TVs, you can watch part of the announcement from CES 2012 in the videos below.  Just don’t blame me if it makes you want one. ;)

    I think I’d sell my right arm for one of the ES8000 Tvs.  If someone wants to buy me the 65″ ES8000, I won’t be offended lol.


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  • Tonyjd40

    thx joe, the spring show was a blast. Only wish I could have stayed longer. The ES8000 / E8000 is one outstanding tv without any doubt. The black level is indeed improved and the dark black level is pure. Once again Samsung blew everyone away with the astounding crisp, clear colors and it handled fast motion superbly. I love the new remote, no problem with the voice control,or the motion control. (I have to admit I really prefer the voice control). This tv is truely amazing with not only the sheer volume of available apps, but also the new user interface. I truely see this being among the best tv’s (if not the best) this year. Oh, again the prices are somewhat lower as I rechecked the prices at an online retailer, so that is even better news. (those prices were samsung’s prices or msrp). take care and GET ONE OF THESE TV’S, I KNOW I AM!!!

  • You lucky duck, got to see in person. Like I said above, I watched the live stream on Facebook. I would have been drooling even more if I went to the event in NY lol. :P. Believe you me, if I had the kind of money for the ES8000, I would definitely get it. Maybe if I win the lottery I guess.

  • 2002megan

    man, if you get a chance go see these at best buy. This is the best tv I ever saw, bar none. The e8000 plasma was just as awesome, as well as the es7500 (although it did lack the ultimte dimming, it had the dimming pro. Just incredible .

  • Oh, bad idea. I’d never wanna leave the store lol.

  • Amazon has the 65″er I want now. $4,700. Ouch! :(