Grab 2299 : THE GAME By Bryan Lunduke

  • The man, the myth, the legend, Bryan Lunduke of the Linux Action Show,, author of Illumination Software Creator,…has just recently released a cross platform, DRM free game based off of his 2299 comic book.

    Bryan describes the game:

    The short, short version:

    2299 : THE GAME is an old-school, 8-bit inspired adventure game for Linux, Mac and Windows.

    The not-so-short version:

    Set in the same universe as the 2299 web comic (and using the same 8-bit pixel art), the game follows the adventure of a small little ship (named “Ted”) who gets sent to pick up some stationary.  One thing leads to another and you end up stranded in a previously unexplored part of the Galaxy.  You know.  The usual.

    You can purchase the game at, DRM free, for Linux, Windows, and Mac; for $5.  Yes, you heard me right, $5.  Not $55, not $5 million, $5.  It’s like half a Starbucks coffee.

    Furthermore, Bryan announced, that he will be releasing a DOS version very soon.  Like, by Feb. 21st.  Also, he plans on making the game available for Android, Jailbroken iOS devices, and AmigaOS 4.  Because Bryan is the man, the myth, the legend, if you purchase the game now, or have already purchased, you will get the DOS, Android, iOS, and AmigaOS versions as soon as they are available, FOR FREE!

    Check out some gameplay footage:



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