Humble Indie Bundle Is Back! Now includes Android!

  • The Humble Indie Bundle is back!  As before, the bundle is up for any price that you want.  But this time, not only is Linux, Windows and Mac covered, but Android is as well!  Proceeds from purchases are divided between the developers, the Child’s Play Charity, and/or the Electronic Frontier Foundation.  Amount given to each can be specified for each purchase.

    The games is this new bundle include:

    – Edge

    – Osmos

    – Anomaly: Warzone Earth


    If you beat the average price, you get World of Goo too!  Pure awesomeness!  Joe highly recommends World of Goo!

    Hurry and buy the Humble Indie Bundle here. (about 14 days left)

    Check out the Humble Indie Bundle trailer below:


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