Ubuntu Software Center Adding Newly Installed Apps to Launcher by Default ~ Ubuntu 12.04

  • A new feature added to Ubuntu 12.04 Precise Pangolin is the ability for the Ubuntu Software to automatically add newly install applications directly to the Unity launcher, once they are installed.  I’m sure this is going to annoy many people.  It reminds me of Android when the market automatically adds app shortcuts to your home screen.  I ALWAYS turn off that feature.

    Check out Ubuntu Vibes’ video showing the change:

    Wiki Explanation Regarding this:

    If Unity is running, at the end of the “View” menu should be a checkmark item, “New Applications in Launcher”, which is checked by default.

    At the moment you choose to install a graphically launchable application, if “New Applications in Launcher” is checked:

    – If the Launcher was in auto-hide mode, it should temporarily reveal itself.

    – A copy of the item’s icon shown in USC (in the software list view or software item screen, whichever was being used) should be hoisted from that spot to a space the launcher has just freed for it, resizing as necessary as it moves.

    – If the Launcher was in auto-hide mode, it should then hide again.

    – For as long as the item is waiting for other package transactions, the Launcher should show it as a greyed-out icon, with the help tip “Waiting to install”.  Trying to launch the item should do nothing.

    – While the item is installing, the Launcher should show installation progress by proportionally filling the icon with color.  Trying to launch the item should still do nothing.

    – When installation is complete, the launcher item should flash and become usable.

    There may be good new however.  Based on the image below from Ubuntu Vibes and the line with the arrow next to it in the quote above, it looks like the feature can be turned off.  You can unclench your fists now.

    Do you like this new feature?  Yes?  No?

    Source: Ubuntu Vibes


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