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  • The HTC Rhyme has been dubbed the android smartphone for the female demographic for a couple reasons, which you will see in this review.  I’ll do my best to put my male testosterone biases aside, or to the minimum anyway.


    The first thing I noticed after unboxing the HTC Rhyme was how small and light it was.  This phone is one of the lightest I’ve seen.  Even though the phone is small, it doesn’t skimp on power.  With its 1ghz processor and 768mb of ram, it in on par with the likes of the HTC Thunderbolt and HTC Incredible S.  The HTC Rhyme also has a 5mp auto-focusing camera with LED flash and VGA front-facing camera.  The display on the device is 3.7″ with a resolution of 480×800.  The back of the phone has a plum purple metal/plasticish cover.  The purple color turns off most guys who say purple is a girl color.  I like purple as much as the next person (which I guess you can tell from purple website. ;) ) but I’m not quite sure sure I feel about the purple with this device.  I like the purple, I just wish it had slightly more blue in it so we can say the phone is a phone. :)

    A big plus I found when unboxing the HTC Rhyme was that it included accessories.  Not only was there the usually charger, but also included was a dock, headphones, and charm.  The headphones and charm have the same plum purple color as the phone.  I thought that was very nice of HTC to include these accessories at no extra cost.  I have wanted to get docks in the past but didn’t want to pay the extra cost.  The dock is a great way to use the phone as an alarm clock, to watch movies, etc.  You have probably already sad above while reading this, “Huh? Charm? What?”  One of the accessories is yes, a charm, that can be plugged into the phone to hang outside a purse.  It will light up when you receive a text, email, etc. It can be configured on the phone.


    The HTC Rhyme features HTC’s Sense 3.5 UI.  Reviewing this device has been my first experience using any version of HTC Sense.  I might have to say Sense is my favorite android skin I’ve used.  With the multiple theme options, wallpapers, widgets, etc included default allows the user to customize the device without using other apps.  The display on this device was very clear.  Browsing the web is a breeze.  For the most part, the usual standard apps are installed by default.  There are a few other including an exercising app and a movie app to rent/buy movies.  Being handicap I didn’t test the exercise app.  I did test the movie app.  I rented the movie Thor.  Like with the Media Hub on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, you rent/buy movies and download them to your device.  The quality was excellent. The movie was crystal clear.  Even when I had the Rhyme docked, I had no trouble hearing the movie.  The only gripe I have is there isn’t much of a selection with the HTC Rhyme’s movie app.


    With the camera on the HTC Rhyme, I got very mixed results.  Most of the images were somewhat grainy.  What was really surprising was the picture taken outside, with the most light, was the most grainy.


    Now for the part on whether I recommend this phone.  I don’t see anything terribly wrong with this device where I would have to say STAY AWAY at all costs.  The only real downfall is the camera.  If your are not a person who wants the latest and greatest/highest speced phone, and can overlook the purple color than yeah, this phone could work for you.  I would have to say yes, this probably a phone geared towards women.

    Grade: 7/10


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