Use Classic Gnome2 Panel with Unity ~ Ubuntu 11.04

  • I stumbled upon a neat little trick where you can use the classic Gnome2 panel with Ubuntu’s new Unity interface. You just need to run 1 simple command.

    Press Alt + F2 and run:


    For the Gnome 2 panel to load on startup, you need to add it to the startup applications. Open up Startup Applications Preferences by pressing Alt + F2 and running:


    or by going to System > Preferences > Startup Applications. (Or from the Unity dash, see video)

    Click add.

    Add the command used to load the Gnome2 panel.

    Extra Tip:

    You can still view the Unity dash by pressing the Super (Windows) key.

    Source: n00bsonubuntu


    September 13th, 2011 | Joe Steiger | 4 Comments | Tags: , , , , , , , , ,

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  • R F Hutchins

    Having done the above it works first time, but after re-boot, I just get a bar on the bottom with workspaces and bin etc

  • Did you try adding the top panel back?  Do you know how?

  • Patrick Bresnahan

    Joe, nice tip.  Trying it w/ekoore perl tablet.  Panel starts and works fine but error in terminal “Unable to open desktop file /home/ekoore/Scrivania/Mostra Desktop.desktop for panel launcher: no such file or directory    **Message: could not connect to session manager: Could not get owner name ‘org.gnome.SessionManager’: no such name”   Panel disappears after closing terminal.  Any idea? 

  • It could just be you are using the terminal.  You want to press Alt + F2 and use the run dialog box.  I don’t know how you would do that with a tablet though.