Install Applications Menu Gnome Shell Extension ~ Gnome 3 Ubuntu 11.04

  • Fpmurphy has created a Gnome Shell extension that adds an applications menu to the Gnome Shell panel.


    Download the extension here.

    Extract the file and place the extracted folder in the ~/.local/share/gnome-shell/extensions/ folder of your home folder.

    Restart Gnome Shell by Pressing Alt + F2 and running r.


    The extension defaults to show a Fedora icon. To change it to an Ubuntu icon, open the extension.js file and change “fedora-logo-icon” to “distributor-logo”.

    Save the file and restart Gnome Shell.


    July 26th, 2011 | Joe Steiger | 6 Comments | Tags: , , , , ,

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  • Anonymous

    nice i like it the only issue i have is : when the menue expands the wallpaper disapear and it goes blue.

  • Wow, that’s weird.  Must be some kind of driver issue.

  • Anonymous

    Im using an open driver

  • Anonymous

    Im using an open driver

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  • I’m using Ubuntu 11.1 and this nor the one I download from repository is working.
    When using the tweak tool, I switch the extension on, but it doesn’t come up (even after reload). and when I open the tweak tool again, the extension is switched off.

    Wonder what am I missing?