Install and Configure Activities Button Gnome Shell Extension ~ Gnome 3 Ubuntu 11.04

  • Fpmurphy has created a Gnome Shell extension that allows you to add a logo next to the activities button and edit the activities button text.


    Download the extension here.

    Extract the file and place the extracted folder in the ~/.local/share/gnome-shell/extensions/ folder of your home folder.

    Restart Gnome Shell by Pressing Alt + F2 and running r.


    The extension defaults to show a Fedora icon. To change it to an Ubuntu icon, open the extension.js file and change “fedora-logo-icon” to “distributor-logo”.

    Save the file and restart Gnome Shell.

    To edit the Activities text, change the word “Activities” in the extension.js file to whatever word you wish to use. (I suggest adding 2 spaces before the word so it isn’t squished next to the icon on the panel.)

    If you just want to use this extension to change the Activities text, and not have an icon, place “//” in front of “box.add_actor(logo);”

    Or, you can place “//” in front of “box.add_actor(label);” to get rid of the Activities text and only show an icon.


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  • Mohaa saleh

    hi joe steiger 
     i like the way your explain  .. so simple  
     can you upload The extension  please 
    i cannot find it   error 404   page not found
     this is my e-mail  send the download link to me

  • The extensions were moved here because they are not supported yet with Gnome Shell 3.2

  • Mohaa saleh

    thank you  

  • Sadly, the version made for gnome shell 3.2 interfers with the theme I’m using.  Every time I turn it on, it set it back to the default theme.  I have looked at the code and I still haven’t figured out how to preserve the user theme.

  • I had that trouble with the old Gnome Shell when I selected the theme from the activities menu.  If I selected with the Gnome Tweak Tool, it usually stuck.

  • I don’t think it is a selection issue, I’m using Gnome Tweak Tool.  FP. Murphy indicates in his release note:

    Unlike V1.0 of this extension, this version uses CSS to “replace” the Activities button text with an icon.

    If you have other extensions that monkey patch the theme stylesheet or modify extension stylesheets, the interaction between this extension and any other such extensions may lead to unexpected results.  Custom themes may do likewise.