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  • I finally got around to finishing and publishing my Ubuntu skins for Android. I created some Unity themed Beautiful Widget clock skins seen above. I created 4 skins available for download through the app. There are 2 3D Unity skins (Ambiance and Radiance) and 2 2D Unity skins (Ambiance and Radiance).

    To go with the Unity clock skins, you can also get Ubuntu weather skins to match.

    – Gnome
    – Mono Dark
    – Mono Light
    – Humanity
    – Humanity Dark
    – Humanity Light

    The final piece to my Ubuntu android skin a Unity themed LauncherPro pack. There is no specific way to publish these so I uploaded it to my dropbox. You can download the file here.

    Note: It isn’t an official icon theme pack, just a collection of icons to use on the dock. Long press an icon on the dock to change, select change icon, custom icon, then select an icon from the gallery. The icons should show up there.

    Included in this pack:

    – 2 LauncherPro Docks
    – 78 Icons
    – 6 Toggle images for Better Cut
    – 4 Wallpapers (960×854 resolution)

    Extract the zip files to the root of your SD card. You can also extract to the download/downloads folder. You will then be able to use the images with LauncherPro. As mentioned above, I included some toggle icons. You can use the Better Cut app to create wifi, gps, bluetooth, silence, airplane toggles. They are themed to resemble Ubuntu’s Notify OSD.

    Enjoy! :)

    UPDATE: I have the notification bar hidden with LauncherPro in the Droid X images above. To do that, go to Menu > Preferences > Appearance settings > and enable ‘Hide notification bar’.

    While you are in those settings, I suggest you change the highlight colors to f07746.

    On my phone I also went to Menu > Preferences > Behavior settings > and changed home key action to open/close notifications.

    I use the Cirlce Widget since the battery meter is hidden with the notification bar. You can get the Circle Widget here.


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