Use Screensaver as an Animated Desktop Background ~ Ubuntu 10.10

  • You can use a screensaver as an animated desktop background in Ubuntu with XWinWrap.

    Download: XWinWrap

    Extract the file

    Open the extracted folder and find the appropriate .deb file for your computer.

    Install with the Ubuntu Software Center

    Press Alt+F2 and run the following code in the Run Application dialogue box:

    xwinwrap -ni -argb -fs -s -st -sp -nf -b — /usr/lib/xscreensaver/glmatrix -window-id WID

    Replace glmatrix with the name of the screensaver you wish to use.

    When you find one you like. You will need to add XWinWrap to the Startup Applications so the animated background starts when you boot your computer.

    Go to System > Preferences > Startup Applications.

    Click add.

    Choose a name and enter the code you decided on. Click add.




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  • Norco6-3

    Hey thanks for the information there mate! ^_^

    Works ace, just adding it to the startup ( for im still a newbie to Linux ) but if i could pick your brains for a tic,
    i run a dual monitor setup however it only works on my Primary display is it a fact of changing the display config, or a different setting?

    Any help or info would be very much appriciated !!

  • hmm, good question, I honestly don’t know. I don’t have a dual monitor setup. I have been searching. Can’t find anything.

  • Soulthrust2k

    well no worries, thanks for taking the time to check for me!, i shall continue to look about n see if i find anything if i do ill post and let you know ! ^_^

    but just one more question sorreh to be a pain! but i have restarted my machine to which xwinwrap isn’t running in processes and tried running the command again to no avail,..must just be me

    thanks again for the time and reply !!

  • Are you sure you typed the command correctly? Just one character mistake and it won’t work.

  • Norco6-3

    Hello Again Joe ! =]
    I managed to sort out the small prob i had, 10.10 Maverick a bitty buggy at times hehe !

    Just thought i would post and say as yet i haven’t found anything that works for a dual display but !
    I did manage to find a way that when you run xWinwrap yah can still view your icons on the desktop,
    also makes it a bit nicer if you can find a desktop image that works with the animated backgroundanyone has chosen.

    The command as follows you’ll know ;

    xwinwrap -ni -argb – fs -s -st -sp -nf -b -0 0.7 — /user/lib/xscreensaver/glmatrix -window-id WID

    The -o (opacity) and the and works fantastic! if i find anything on a Dual display shall let you know!

    Thanks again your your time before and help !!
    Keep up the goood work !

    Norco 6-3!

  • Lucy

    Very nice, but Is this a beautiful way to burn your computer, your graphic card or to reduce substantially their lifetime? We will need to search somewhere to know that before doing it.

  • Yeah, it’s not something to do all the time. Just something cool to show a friend etc.