Add icons to Menus and Buttons ~ Ubuntu 10.04

  • With Ubuntu 10.04, the way to put icons in menus and buttons has changed. It is not longer in the Interface tab in Appearance Preferences:

    Karmic Koala:

    Image from

    To add icons to menus and buttons in Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx, we will use the gconf configuration editor.

    Press Alt + F2 to launch the Run Application dialog box.



    Gconf editor will open:

    Go to Desktop:



    Check the box next to buttons_have_icons:

    and check the box next to menus_have_icons:

    Close Gconf editor.

    Before menu:

    After menu:

    Before buttons:

    After buttons:


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  • Dick

    Belated thanks for this post. I knew there was a setting in the previous versions of Ubuntu, but I couldn't find it in 10.04. I figured it would display the icons because I turned my computer on the other day, and they magically appeared, then disappeared upon the next boot up.

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